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tempted to use one of these three as the rp blog icon?????

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   music for writers

instrumental » (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)   (x)  (x)

fantasy » (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

horror / panic / villains » (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) 

love / friendship » (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

note: all these playlists are from 8tracks and i’ve always listen to them when i’m writing

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((ladies and germs!
guys and dolls!
distinguished guests!
as with all good comic(-based blogs), after such a period of languishing inactivity, it’s time for a reboot!
…which means, uh, I’m gonna be using this again, basically. no huge changes to make; I’ll be revamping the blog layout over the next week or so, new outfits are in the works, and I do think I was a little too serious before, so I’ll be balancing that — which means, of course, a more fun harley, and that’s better for everyone))
it’s my harley quinn blog!! you should consider checking me out if: you like harley quinn (and want to keep me from making ooc mistakES) you’ve got a dc rp blog (or any rp blog honestly) you like my face ayyyyyy
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i hate when people complain about how technology is “ruining everything.” i have over 200 pictures of my dog on my phone and i can send them to my friends when they are sad. how is that ruining anything. why do you hate happiness

Can…can I have one of those pictures? I’m feeling sad.

hell yeah omg


we taught him how to take a selfie

i also have a whole tag of pics of him it’s here if you want to see buster in all his glory

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project godoka is a-go
(i bought this cute wig secondhand from trimizu!)

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here goeS

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no matter what I do I can’t emphasize how fricking shiny my nails are rn

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i’d rather be lost with you: a cangel fanmix {listen}

~a playlist about missed chances, words left unsaid and things that should have been forever

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my nails are maybe, um
a little long??

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okay but

  • X Files-style au where Dr. Jonathan Crane is the weird guy in the basement of Arkham that the admin sends all the incurable patients to and Dr. Harleen Quinzel is the new intern that gets sent down to work with him
  • Dr. Crane believes fear is the root of the human mind but Dr. Quinzel is skeptical and prefers to think that love is humanity’s prime motivator
  • one day they receive a new patient calling himself the Joker and obsessing over a “Batman”; the admin presses them to just dope up their patient so he doesn’t hurt anyone else, but Dr. Crane and Dr. Quinzel think there might actually be some truth to the Joker’s ravings
  • X Files-style Crane/Quinzel au
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